Arctostaphylos glauca (Manzanita)

Using native plants to clean up toxic sites

There are several kinds of bioprocesses that use plants to remove soil toxins (Phytoremediation), but a couple stand out as being more valuable to use by landscape architects and garden designers.

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working with clay soil

Planting with Bay Area rain patterns

The San Francisco Bay Area’s rainfall pattern and quantities vary widely from one year to the next and from month to month. This creates some opportunities and challenges to gardeners and the landscape industry.

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Sago Palm

Five reasons to have your landscape professionally designed by a landscape architect

Expand your home into the outdoors and enjoy it year-round. Design fees are usually less than 20% of the overall cost of a project.

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Agave leaf

Leaving plant litter in place

We recommend leaving all (except large, hazardous, and unsightly) plant litter in place to help establish a sustainable nutrient cycle.

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