Rainscape Design—Landscape Architect, San Francisco

Rainscape Design is a landscape architecture consulting firm working in association with Reilly Designs, a landscape design build firm in San Rafael. We also work with other landscape contractors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer hourly consulting services for:

  • Assessment of your existing landscape and gardens to determine opportunities and constraints for new design
  • Site planning for new construction
  • Improving soil quality
  • Plant selection
  • Landscape lighting design
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Project management

    Your landscape

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  • Our ecological landscape design

    • Implementing methods to improve native soil with organic soil matter instead of importing soil
    • Working with soil clay content, instead of against it, by using plants that help improve clay soil over time
    • Designing landscape plans that use compost to encourage the growth of Mycorrhizae Fungi (plant root symbiotics) instead of petroleum-based nitrogen fertilizers
    • Developing water budgets based on collecting runoff stormwater from rooftops and other sources for irrigation purposes
    • Implementing design drainage plans that eliminate runoff pollution